Symi, situated in the Dodecanese, is an island of contrasts, revealing her magic from the moment you enter the elegant harbour in Yialos, filled with a mix of traditional fishing boats and luxury yachts. Many delightful beaches are accessible by water taxi each day from the harbour, 100m from the hotel, while day trips to explore secluded coves around the island can be easily arranged.

Designed for the independent traveller, Symi retains an understated elegance, with donkeys used in many parts of the island to transport goods on its steep hills. The classic architecture and peaceful surroundings create an enchanting backdrop for romancing or relaxing. The ambience is further enhanced by friendly people, fine Mediterranean cuisine and a fascinating history.

The hilltop village of Chorio, with its labyrinth of narrow streets designed to confuse sea pirates in days gone by, retains an untouched charm. Those who make it to the site of the ancient acropolis are rewarded with 360’ views of the Turkish peninsula, Yialos harbour and Pedi bay.

In contrast to the rocky coast, the centre of the Island is forested with cypress trees. The road south leads to the monastery at Panormitis, famed for its miracles, which attracts many pilgrims.

Reviews of The Old Markets:

"The Dodecanese islands, just off the Turkish coast, …are acquiring a new breed of luxurious boutique hotels, designed to complement local architecture…"

"Even more romantic (than Lindos) is the ravishing Island of Symi… a harmonious array of neoclassical mansions, painted matching ochre and terracotta shades, rise to all sides of its amphitheatre-like harbour; The exquisite Old Markets is a converted mansion overlooking the bay."

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